Justin Sportel

Sales Manager

Builders License, Michigan
B.A. Western Michigan University

Justin Sportel brings an entrepreneurial spirit and unique problem-solving skills to the Kent Home Services Team. Justin has over 13 years of experience in concrete raising and repair. His passion for home services was sparked by his father and his grandfather who both worked in the concrete industry. Justin is a proactive and industrious problem-solver. In fact, he once owned a concrete raising business prior to joining the Kent team.

As a licensed builder, Justin’s approach to home repairs begins with identifying the underlying cause of damage. “To provide the very best repair plan, you should know exactly what caused the problem in the first place,” he advises. “The best part of my job is working with homeowners to help them understand the problems affecting their property and how our plan directly addresses those issues.” He continues, “I am always studying the latest building trends because I want to offer you the most advanced products and repair techniques.”

In his spare time, Justin enjoys spending time at the lake, golfing, softball, boxing and playing the drums. He is recently married, despite his musical abilities.