Concrete Raising FAQ

Q. What caused my sidewalk to settle?
A. There are three common reasons why concrete settles.
Poor soil conditions or improper soil compaction.
Erosion of the sub grade
Critter excavation, like woodchucks or chipmunks and even ants.

Q. Is raising my concrete a permanent fix?
A. No, but this is a cost-effective way to fix your concrete and to remove trip hazards without having to go through the time and cost of replacement. This is often a five to seven year fix, but there are many cases of homeowners who had their concrete raised more than 10 years ago, who still don’t have a problem with resettlement.

Q. How big are the holes you drill?
A. We drill small holes less than 2” in diameter to pump through.

Q. Will the holes you drilled be visible when you are done?
A. Yes, they’re visible. We patch with concrete, so naturally new concrete doesn’t match perfectly with old. However, the patches fade over time and become less noticeable.

Q. Is there a way to cover up the patched holes when you have completed the raising process?
A. Yes, an overlay can be applied to the area of repair. An overlay gives the concrete a thin, fresh, even look and improves the aesthetics of the area repaired. There is an additional cost for overlays.

Q. Will my concrete crack during the raising process?
A. While there is a slight chance that this can occur, it does not occur very often. Our crew is well trained to strategically place the drilled holes, so we have the best chance of raising your concrete without cracking it.

Q. Do you fix any existing cracks after raising my concrete?
A. We offer a concrete sealant as an additional service. This service can help protect your concrete over the long run by preventing water intrusion into cracks and joints. Your residential project manager can provide additional information and pricing for you.

Q. How long do I need to stay off the area that was repaired?
A. One of the advantage of concrete raising is that you can drive on your drive, walk on your walk, or step on your steps as soon as we are finished with the process.

Q. Will there be a big truck or equipment in my yard?
A. No, our crew uses a small dump truck which we do not drive on your driveway, and the pump we use is the size of a wheelbarrow.

Q. What about the flower beds and landscaping I have next to the area that needs to be raised?
A. Our pump is narrow and fits on a sidewalk. The crew takes great care in not disturbing your landscape and yard.

Q. Will my concrete look like new?
A. The only way to have the “brand new” look is to have brand new concrete. We can make your concrete safer without trip hazards, help grade water away from the house, and help the environment while we keep old concrete out of the landfill.

Q. When is the condition of my concrete too bad to be repaired by concrete raising?
A. If your concrete is broken into smaller pieces or has the “shattered” look, it will need to be replaced instead of repaired. We do concrete replacement as well.

Q. What kind of guarantee do you offer with concrete raising?
A. We have a one year warranty against re-settlement of your repaired area. If we have done our job correctly, and the cause of settlement has been resolved, you will have a long-term, cost-effective repair.