Concrete Raising With Poly Foam

Polyurethane: Leveling Your Concrete Trip Hazards In Style.

Concrete raising is fast and precise with poly foam injections!

Poly foam concrete raising involves drilling small holes (about 5/8”) through the sunken area of your concrete. A delivery port in inserted and an injection gun is used to deliver controlled amounts of polyurethane material through the port and under the slab. The polyurethane expands in seconds to raise the concrete and compress any loose soils beneath the slab. Once the slab is raised to the desired level, the holes are patched and the concrete can be used right away.

Before and after of poolside concrete raising job.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising is perfect for:

  • Fixing trip hazards on your patio, sidewalk, driveway, poolside, etc.
  • Beautifying your property
  • Leveling sunken or uneven concrete at break points
  • Raising settled concrete
  • Filling voids beneath concrete structures
  • Joint and slab stabilization

How does concrete leveling work?

  • Drilling holes in sunken concrete for slabjacking.
    Step 1: We strategically drill small holes (less than 5/8”) into the sunken section of concrete.

*Kent Home Services only offers Concrete Raising at our West Michigan service area.