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Concrete Raising – Before & After

What does concrete raising look like? Will I be able to see the holes after the raising process?

The entire Kent Home Services team is committed to helping our customers understand the entire concrete repair process. We think it’s important to share the same expectations of the concrete raising process so that you’re completely satisfied with the work on your property.

Take a look at these photos of concrete raising – before and after.

Before Concrete Raising

This concrete sidewalk settled and became uneven as a result of poor compaction of the subgrade below the concrete. This could have happened after digging for a utilities repair and poor backfill of the repair holes. Or, if a tree was removed, but the stump remained and decomposed, it could have caused a change in the soil surrounding – and supporting – the concrete.

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After Concrete Raising

As you can see in this second set of photos, the concrete sidewalk was raised back to level. There is a drastic change in slope from the sunken/uneven concrete to the safe, smooth even concrete. However, the small holes used for the mudjacking process are still slightly visible. We patch the holes with concrete after the repair is complete. While the patched holes are still slightly visible, you can expect the patches to fade over time to match the rest of your concrete.

These repairs were a hit with the homeowners and all of their neighbors!

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