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Customer Satisfaction: The KHS Concrete Team Surpasses Expectations

It’s likely fair to assume you don’t spend hours a day thinking about your concrete. Concrete typically isn’t a problem until a problem arises. When you start spending time thinking and staring at your uneven patio, you know something is wrong. Before considering what to do about the issue, you should first trust the concrete company you hire.

Here at Kent Home Services, we stand by our work. Here are recent examples of our concrete raising and concrete replacement work.  These job profiles and customer reviews highlight our concrete team’s expertise and workmanship. We work hard to get the job done right, for the most cost-effective price, and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Concrete Raising Examples

When a customer requests a concrete raising quote, a trained representative comes out to assess the area and provides a free quote for the job. Customers can then schedule a time for the job to be completed. Most jobs are typically done within a day.

Concrete Raising for a Poolside Deck

This poolside deck concrete needed repairs to level and stabilize the walkway.

A customer in Byron Center, Michigan called for a quote to repair or replace his poolside deck. In this specific job, there were uneven concrete slabs, and a few minor cracks. This was a textbook case of when concrete raising becomes the cost effective solution. The homeowner’s deck was repairable, saving him a lot of time and money.

The Kent Home Services team determined mudjacking was the best material to use for this specific area. Our team was able to raise the uneven slabs, repair the cracks, and enforce the joints. You can see the pool deck is now even, stable, and safe for everyone enjoying the swimming pool. The homeowner was delighted with how quickly the job was done, and in time to enjoy the pool all summer long!

When Concrete Replacement is the Better Option

This heaved sidewalk needs some slabs replaced to fix the issue. Another common raising job request is to repair sunken sidewalks that become a tripping hazard. A Kent Home Services customer in Northeast Grand Rapids needed their neighborhood’s sidewalk repaired or replaced. Once our trained rep came out to assess the area and provide a quote, they immediately saw concrete replacement was the more cost-effective solution.

For this sidewalk, the heaved slabs were partly due to the tree roots under the walkway. If we repaired the sidewalk, the slabs would heave again, and need further repair. The repeated repairs would become costly, and exceed the cost of replacing the heaved slabs.

Instead, we provided the property manager a concrete replacement quote to address the tree roots, thus preventing future heaving. Our concrete team first ground the roots causing the damage, properly graded and compacted the soil, and then poured new concrete to create an even, stable sidewalk for the neighborhood.

These concrete slabs were replaced to make the sidewalk stable and leveled.

Concrete Replacement as a Viable Option

As the above example shows, there are times when replacing your concrete is more cost effective than repairing the slabs. When customers request a repair or replacement quote, we always provide the most cost effective solution, whether that is repairing or replacing the concrete. For example, some property managers assume their sidewalks will need to be replaced to adhere to REAC standards. If a Kent Home Services rep sees the area and determines repairing the concrete is more cost effective, they will make this recommendation. This saves the property manager time and money.

Still, there are times when it’s better to replace the concrete. The material is not made to last a lifetime as erosion, soil compaction and shifting will eventually compromise the concrete. This is inevitable and will eventually mean new concrete will be the best solution.


A New Front Stoop in Northeast Grand Rapids

Here is a new concrete example of a front stoop that was broken and unstable.

For this North Lake Village homeowner, a new front stoop was in order. Their concrete was in shambles, likely compromised by water, erosion, and possibly a rodent trying to set up shop under the steps! If our concrete team simply repaired the stoop, the homeowner would likely be calling again for another repair. Instead, we replaced the stoop, creating a leveled, safe entry into their home.

A New Driveway in Rockford, Michigan

This driveway has been damaged from water, erosion, and likely rodents as well.

A homeowner in Rockford, Michigan decided it was time to fix their driveway. The area was sunken, cracked, and needed a full replacement. Dealing with home projects like this are not always fun. Fortunately for the homeowner, Kent Home Services’ concrete team took care of the job!

This driveway's concrete was replaced due to heavy damage.

Our team completed a full replacement of the homeowners’ driveway. When replacement is the name of the game, there are a few steps to take. First, the old concrete must be broken up and hauled away. Next, a path is created for the new driveway. The soil for the area is properly graded, compacted, and prepared for the new concrete. Our team then pours and levels the new driveway, ensuring longevity for the homeowner. This video is an example of the work that goes into pouring new concrete.

The homeowner was pleased with the results and impressed with our team.

Customer Satisfaction

A Kent Home Services customer writes a positive letter to the team.Our concrete team is adept, well-trained, and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. The proof of our excellent work is evident in these examples.

If you’ve been putting off repairing your back deck, or replacing the concrete in your side yard, don’t waste any more time. Give us call and we can complete a free quote. Our concrete reps usually do not need anyone to be home (if the repair area is located outside) to complete the assessment and quote. You will then receive the written estimate and how long the quote will be good for.

Kent Home Services can tackle that concrete job so you can quickly get back to enjoying your property.



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