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Decorative Concrete Patio and Steps – Whitehall, Michigan

We work with homeowners on Michigan’s inland lakes and Lake Michigan all the time. We recently helped Mike, a resident of Whitehall, Michigan, add a 700 square foot stamped, colored patio and concrete steps to his property.

A stamped and colored patio in Whitehall, Michigan with Kent Home Services truck in the background.

Building A Decorative Concrete Patio In Whitehall, Michigan

After forming the patio, we poured concrete colored with Pueblo as the base color. A charcoal release provided a secondary color accent.  We used an Old English stamp to provide texture. We overcame several challenges for this project – working across a longer distance north of Muskegon. We also added an additional step to the project after the initial pour. We worked to ensure the color of the secondary pour matched the first pour as closely as possible. We should note that matching concrete colors is extremely difficult. A lot of factors affect the concrete from the concrete mix components to the weather on the day of the pour. Our superintendent and crews understand the science of concrete and work to control as many factors as possible for the best end result.


Our Whitehall homeowner was thrilled with his new concrete patio and concrete steps leading to his house. His backyard has a completely new look!

A stamped and colored patio in Whitehall, Michigan.

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