Decorative Concrete

Want to show your artistic side? We’ll help you make it happen

We specialize in decorative concrete for sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, garage floors

Decorative concrete requires a high level of creativity and technical knowledge.  We deliver both.  Our concrete professionals have over 25 years of experience installing designing and installing high quality decorative concrete.

  • This concrete is colored and textured to resemble slate.

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Decorative Concrete Options

Our team is well-versed in installing multiple styles and finishes of decorative concrete, and are committed to making your goals a reality. Learn more about our decorative concrete options by clicking the button below.

Decorative Concrete stamped in the appearance of random flagstone.

Stamped Concrete

This patio is created by using coloring in the concrete for a decorative finish.

Colored Concrete

Stained concrete example

Stained Concrete

Concrete can be stenciled to resemble bricks like this example.

Stenciled Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete example

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Example of stamped concrete that resembles bricks.

How To Design Decorative Concrete

We understand your decorative concrete needs and desires are as unique as your home. That’s why we come up with a plan custom designed to fit your vision. At Kent Home Services, collaboration is the key to a successful installation.

Decorative Concrete Job Profiles