How to Design Decorative Concrete in Michigan

Decorative Concrete Is Both Art And Science

We think it requires a lot of creativity and vision to make the right recommendations to you as the homeowner or property owner. We strive to balance the surrounding environment with concrete designed to enhance the space – both interior and exterior projects alike.

We also hold the science of decorative concrete to the highest level. Our craftsmen have twenty-five years of experience installing our concrete stamping and coloring products. They understand how concrete mix, ambient temperatures and environmental factors will affect the concrete. Their detail-driven work approach treats every project with extreme care.

Every decorative concrete project is unique. However, we recommend the following steps as you begin planning your decorative concrete project. We will discuss these with you as we develop a plan for your decorative concrete.

decorative concrete project

Gather Ideas

We recommend collecting pictures of similar projects from the internet and magazines. Gathering pictures will help you clarify your personal preferences and they’ll be a valuable tool when you communicate with your concrete team.

List Your Requirements

How will you use the space? As you plan your project, take note of your planned activities for the new space. Will it be a high traffic area? Will the area be susceptible to spills or stains (such as a garage or work area)? Will your project be exposed to the elements, and if so, what seasonal factors will be the most extreme? What kind of safety or slip resistance might you need? Will you add landscaping, a building addition, furniture, a water feature or other decor to the space? How will these elements work together?

Determine The Size Of The Project

While you may want to create a space with extensive concrete, think about the natural limits for the project. Are there property lines, utilities, septic tanks, swails, large tree roots or other landscaping features that define your project?

Determine Your Budget

The size of your project as well as the treatments and finishes you select will drive your budget. Your project manager will help you measure the size of your project accurately and will then provide decorative options that match your budget threshold.

Finalize A Design Choice

The options for decorative concrete are endless! Make final selections for your project size, design and layout, colors/treatments and finishes. It is very helpful to visit a local concrete supply showroom to see the finishes in person. We can recommend suppliers and showrooms that are close to you.

Decorative Concrete

Schedule Your Project

Our customer service team will schedule your project at a time that’s most convenient for you.

More questions about the decorative concrete process? Schedule a free estimate with the Kent Home Services team.