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What to Expect from a Concrete Repair Estimate

This driveway is sunken and in need of concrete raising.

Spring is here, and you’ve noticed your concrete driveway is looking haggard. There are new cracks and one side may have settled more than last year. It’s time to fix your driveway. How long is this whole thing going to take? Will I be harassed if I request a free estimate? Not at Kent Home Services! 

We understand requesting an estimate and giving out your personal contact information can lead to frequent phone calls and a bombardment of follow ups to see if you want a service done. That is not how we work at Kent! Here is a step by step guide to know what to expect when you request a concrete raising estimate.

Step One: Request an Estimate & Get a Timely Response

The first step is filling out our online estimate request form, or calling us directly. The online form will ask what kind of quote you are looking for. Are you looking for a repair to your concrete, or replacing it? It’s okay if you are unsure at this point. Our staff will help you figure out what’s best for your property. It does help us to have more information right away, so fill out the area of repair, and include any details that led you to requesting an estimate.

After submitting your request, our business office will call you by the end of the next business day. KHS staff will call to get more information about the area, what you’ve noticed and help determine the best options for the job. Here are a few tips that could help the estimate process:

  • Is there more than one crack per slab section? For example, your driveway concrete is likely poured in sections with a joint in between. If there is more than one crack per section, you may need a replacement rather than a repair.
  • Cracks in the joints are okay and are where we want them to occur (as opposed to in the middle or side of the slab section). It’s good to know where on the concrete slab you are seeing cracks or sinking.
  • Is your concrete heaved because of tree roots? Tree roots are detrimental to concrete, and makes repair a waste of money. Instead, we will likely recommend concrete replacement so our crew can remove the roots, and then pour new concrete.

Step Two: Scheduling a Visit

After we clarify the need for concrete repair or replacement, our staff will decide how best to proceed with your concerns. If there is no need to come inside the home, we will recommend a KHS Residential Project Manager visit the site when they are in your area. In this case, no formal appointment is set, and no one needs to be at home. This allows us to quickly visit and evaluate the property without inconveniencing the homeowner.

If the repair area is inside a garage or other interior location, staff will coordinate with your schedule to set an appointment time.

Kent Home Services also receives frequent requests from property managers, especially during REAC inspection season.

If the estimate is for an apartment complex or multi-resident property, staff will set an appointment for a Project Manager to come out. Appointments for estimates are typically scheduled within two weeks so repairs can begin in a timely manner.

Step Three: Initial Visit for Free Quote

Now we’ve arrived at estimate day. For drop-ins, you never need to be worried about our concrete professional roaming your property before seeing if anyone is home. Project Managers will first check if you’re home, and let you know they are completing their evaluation for a quote. If no one is there, we will leave a door hanger on the door to let you know we came out and to expect an quote for repairs via email.

Still, there are some things you can do to help our Project Managers’ visit go smoothly. They include:

  • Clearing off some, or all items that block the repair area. If your patio is in need of repair, try moving the furniture off the cracked slabs. This helps us fully evaluate the area of concern.
  • We may look for a pour line where the concrete meets the wall (or where the concrete was originally poured). It’s helpful to clear this area for an estimate. You may be able to identify this by a splash of concrete on the wall.
  • If you have a dog or animal in the yard, it is helpful to have a warning that the animal is present and if it’s safe to enter. In fact, go ahead and tell our office staff when they call about your estimate request. This helps keep everyone safe.
  • For a multi-resident property, it’s good to have a property manager or maintenance supervisor to be available to walk around the property. A property map will also greatly help us be more efficient in evaluating the areas of repair.

KHS professionals will complete a visual inspection of the areas of concern to you. They will also determine the cause of concrete cracking or sinking. Concrete tends to settle for three primary reasons:

  1. Poor soil compaction
  2. Poor drainage that causes washout
  3. Heaving from tree roots

Once the cause is determined, we can better evaluate the most cost effective solution. 

You can expect us to be on site for about 15-30 minutes, or longer for multi-resident properties.

Step Four: Receiving a Proposal for Repairs

Once a KHS Project Manager evaluates the property, you can expect a customized proposal for repairs or replacement within 24-48 business hours. We will address your concerns and reasoning for requesting an estimate, and the best solution to resolve the issue.

We know many people opt for a concrete raising quote to see if their concrete is salvageable. If we come out for a repair estimate and see what the property really needs is a replacement, we will make the recommendation and estimate for that. This is to help you save money in the future. It wouldn’t be cost effective to come out multiple times a year trying to patch a failing concrete slab. That would be like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

Once you receive your emailed proposal, feel free to call with any follow-up questions or concerns. 

Kent Home Services will honor our proposal for one year with a no-hassle guarantee.

We will also send out a courtesy reminder when the quote is close to expiring, just to remind you of your options. But again, Kent Home Services will not pressure you into anything.

If you decide to schedule a repair or replacement appointment, just pick up the phone and call! We usually schedule the work to be completed within two weeks of accepting the proposal. Concrete raising/repair jobs are typically completed within one day or less. Should you decide to wait on the repair or replacement, just save our proposal until you are ready.


Here’s a before and after example of our concrete raising work. You can see this sidewalk was not level and is a tripping hazard. Our crews worked to level the concrete and made it safer for everyone.

The concrete is sunken and unlevel before repairs.

This sidewalk is now level thanks to Kent Home Service's concrete raising crews.

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