Foundation Repair in W Michigan, St. Louis MO, & NE Ohio

Is your house behaving a little… weird? Windows not shutting right? Doors not opening correctly? Cracks in your chimney or exterior walls?

It’s likely that you have shifting and sinking foundation problems. When the sun comes out and the soil around your home dries, it also shrinks. When the soil around your foundation and basement walls shrink it no longer supports your foundation the way it is meant to, causing damage to your home’s most important element.

Experience You Can Trust

Foundation repair requires an expert, but that doesn’t mean you should have to worry throughout the process. Kent Home Services has stabilized thousands of foundations with the most trusted and advanced processes to restore your home’s value.

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For over 60 years, we’ve worked with thousands of:

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Learn about your foundation, and how Kent Home Services can help.

Diagram of sinking foundation symptoms.

Your Home May Be Telling You Something…

From cracks in your walls or bricks to slanted floors, read about how to determine if your foundation needs to be repaired.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Home foundations withstand incredible amounts of internal and external pressures. Sometimes these pressures cause the foundation to break or crack, becoming unstable and weak.

Our Methods & Materials for Foundation Repair

Kent Home Services uses only the latest piering technologies to restore your sinking or cracked foundation to a level, more waterproof state.