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Most broken and sunken concrete can be repaired. Sometimes the damage is too extensive, and a new concrete slab is the best option. Kent Home Services provides custom new concrete pours for homeowners all over Western Michigan.

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Fully Licensed and Insured

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Financing Available

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Concrete Pouring Services

Read about how Kent Home Services replaces and installs concrete structures for all kinds of residential applications. When repair is out of the question, call KHS for your new concrete installation or replacement.

Common Causes for Damaged Concrete

Common Causes for Damaged Concrete

Why is my concrete in such bad shape? Read about some common situations leaving your concrete irreparable.

Benefits of New Concrete

Benefits of New Concrete

What can a new garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, or patio mean for your home? Read about the long term benefits of having a freshly poured slab at your home base.

‘Concrete’ Or ‘Cement’ Pouring?

Many people are unaware that there’s a difference when asking for new cement pouring services. Cement is the compound that forms the base of concrete. Cement can be bought in bags of dry powder from any hardware store. Only when it is mixed with an aggregator (sand, pebbles, etc.), and water, does it become the final product called concrete.

New Concrete Job Profiles

*Kent Home Services only offers New Concrete Pouring in our West Michigan service area.