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New Concrete Service for Bradford Place Condominiums

Bradford Place Condominiums Replaces Their Concrete

Customer: GR8 Contracting, Inc.
Project Location: 100 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI 49503

New concrete raises property values and improves appearance for northeast Grand Rapids condo community. 

The Kent Home Services truck is at a work site.

Bradford Place Condos are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. The community is known for its affordability, quiet lifestyle and great location. The condos are situated in northeast Grand Rapids with close proximity to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. They are ranch-style spaces that feature full balconies, porches, attached garages and private driveways. Homeowners typically choose a condo community when they’re looking for convenience and low-maintenance living. That’s why it’s important for the homeowner’s association to maintain standards for appearance, property values and safety throughout the community.

Over the years, the community used mudjacking as an affordable, convenient repair to raise sunken concrete steps and porches, and to eliminate trip hazards on sidewalks throughout the property. While these services achieved results for  individual property owners, in some cases porches and steps were at varying heights across the community. The homeowners knew it was time to invest in uniform repairs for the entire community.

Kent Home Services Partners with GR8 Contracting and Bradford Place Condos

  • Kent Home Services replaced damaged concrete at this condo complex.

Bradford Place Condos and GR8 Contracting, Inc. partnered with Kent Home Services to remove old, damaged concrete and replace it with new concrete. Their objective was to establish a uniform, polished appearance across the property – and our team helped them achieve their goals.

Kent Home Services removed old concrete and poured new porch caps, sidewalks, steps and garage approaches at 22 buildings throughout Bradford Place Condos. Our team poured over 14,000 square feet of concrete throughout the property.

We took special steps to ensure a smooth project for the entire community. Our goal was to minimize disruption to the homeowners, and we worked as a team with the homeowners association and GR8 Contracting to do just that. Our team walked through the entire job site to plan each phase of work. We developed a plan to optimize the schedule and minimize disruptions in the community. Kent Home Services provided notice to each set of condo homeowners prior to their driveway removal and replacement. We wanted to ensure they had time to move cars and plan for accessibility to their homes while we poured new concrete. We managed every installation for attention to detail and cleanliness – having a large number or projects, concrete trucks and washout was potentially very messy – but our team’s attention to detail ensured cleanliness throughout the community.

The Big Wins

Superintendent Jason Stephens led the crew on the effort. He shared,

“We installed over 134 cubic yards of concrete throughout Bradford Place Condos – and that’s a tremendous amount of concrete for a residential property. We love that we can be a part of a community for a short time, but help them increase their property values over the long term.  New concrete is a great way to refresh your home- and it’s a great investment for your property.”

Bradford Place Condos are located at 100 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503.

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