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A New Concrete Carport for an Apartment Complex

Property managers need to keep their properties fully functioning and groomed for residents. An apartment complex in Northeast Grand Rapids contacted Kent Home Services for help with a special project. The property manager wanted to upgrade parking for the residents. They had decided on asphalt resurfacing for the main parking areas.

The reserved carports, though, posed a unique challenge. The asphalt company could not access the areas beneath the low carports. That’s when Kent Home Services got involved. Our crews were able to access the area and pour new concrete in the carports. They were pleased with the results!

Before New Concrete Was Poured

Before picture of the carports with cracking asphalt.

After New Concrete Was Poured

As a result of our teamwork with the property manager and the asphalt company, the residents now enjoy smooth – and protected – parking throughout every season.

New concrete was poured in the carport areas of an apartment complex.

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