New Concrete Pours in Michigan FAQ

Q. What caused my driveway to break or to settle?
A. There are several common reasons for concrete damage.

  • Poor soil conditions or improper soil compaction.
  • Erosion of the sub grade
  • Water intrusion into cracks and joints throughout the freeze/thaw cycle
  • Extensive use, heavy traffic or other impact damage
  • Critter excavation, like woodchucks or chipmunks and even ants.

Q. What should I expect when you pour my new concrete?
A. You can read about all of the steps of our concrete removal and replacement process here.

Q. Do you remove old concrete from my property?
A. Yes, we demolish your broken concrete, remove it carefully, place it in a dumpster and haul it away from your property. We take care to maintain a clean work site.

Q. How long do I need to stay off of my new concrete?
A. Concrete gains strength in the first 7 to 14 days after it’s placed. Please, no vehicle traffic for at least 7 days. Foot traffic and bikes are okay after 48 hours.

Q. How can I protect my new concrete from stains?
A. New concrete is very porous. Stains, oil or fuel spilled on concrete less than 30 days old can cause a permanent discoloration. We do place an initial sealant on the concrete to help it cure properly. However, we recommend that you learn more about additional protective sealants for your new concrete.