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Poly Foam: The Game-Changer in Concrete Raising

This sidewalk is sinking and uneven, making it unsafe for pedestrians. Have you ever wondered if your concrete could be repaired? It may seem impossible as you stare at your sunken, uneven sidewalk. Dealing with sinking concrete may not be the most exciting event in your life. It is, however, exciting to save time, money, and resources by repairing your existing concrete with durable poly foam.

Concrete raising techniques have been around since the early 1900s. Back then, a soil and cement or limestone was mixed to create a mud-like substance, hence the term “mudjacking”. The substance was then hydraulically injected under the concrete slab to raise and level the slab.

This reliable method is still used today, with some improvements to the mud mixture. Recently, though, polyurethane foam entered the concrete industry, and became a game-changer. Utilizing poly foam rather than a cement/mud mixture is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and reduces repair time. At Kent Home Services, we use poly foam so our customers can benefit from the latest technology and methods.

When Concrete Raising is a Cost-Effective Option

As you stare at your sinking sidewalk, you may be able to discern if concrete raising is an option. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Are there cracks in the sinking slab? If you have more than one major crack, that area may need to be replaced. Minor cracks, especially along the joints are usually okay.
  • Is the sidewalk sinking, tilting, or heaving because of a tree? Tree roots often heave cement, making replacement the best option.

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Concrete raising is a cost-effective option when compared to concrete replacement. Raising specific slab sections is quick, less invasive, and cheaper than removing all the concrete and replacing it with new materials.

After image of raised sidewalk.

 The Benefits of Poly Foam

Poly foam, or polyurethane foam, is a dense, closed-cell material that expands to fill voids. It simultaneously compacts the soil and fills in the voids to slowly lift and level the slab. Once leveled, the foam quickly hardens and sets, allowing you to use the sidewalk almost immediately.

Our poly foam method has many advantages, especially for properties in wet areas like Michigan. Its greatest benefit is its ability to withstand moisture. This means you can rest easy, knowing the poly foam can endure those harsh winters and heavy rains. Other advantages to poly foam include:

  • Strong, durable material compared to mudjacking substances
  • Bonds with the concrete and soil
  • Made with more recycled and organic materials
  • Lighter material than mudjacking materials
  • Quickly sets to restore functionality and use of the area

A Quick and Easy Installation Process

Since poly foam is lighter and requires fewer holes, the raising process is fast and efficient.

We follow a four-step process for each slab needing repair:

  1. Small holes (about the size of a penny) are drilled into the slab. These holes are strategically placed so the foam can expand in the right spots.
  2. A temporary port is installed in the bored holes.
  3. Poly foam is injected through the port. It expands to compact the soil and fill in the voids. This raises and levels the slab.
  4. Once adequately leveled, the ports are removed. The holes are cleaned and patched, and the area is ready to use.
  • Drilling holes in sunken concrete for slabjacking.
    Step 1: We strategically drill small holes (less than 5/8”) into the sunken section of concrete.

Concrete Raising in a Day or Less

The four-step process is completed for every slab requiring lift and stabilization. Our experienced concrete professionals can typically complete a raising job in a day or less. And because poly foam sets quickly, you can use the area immediately. How’s that for time-efficiency?

Many homeowners and property managers avoid fixing their sunken sidewalk or driveway because they believe it is take a lot of time and money to complete. With poly foam, the job will be quick and much cheaper than replacing the concrete. If you’re unsure if your concrete is repairable, request a free estimate. Our concrete professionals will assess the area, and provide you with the most cost-effective option for your property.



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