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Sidewalk Repair & Concrete Raising In Northeast Grand Rapids, MI

We helped a homeowner in Northeast Grand Rapids fix severely sunken concrete sidewalks in front of their home.

The support materials – such as gravel and dirt backfill – beneath the sidewalks had washed out, leaving large openings called ‘voids’ in their place. Mudjacking was the perfect solution for this issue. We used our mudjacking process to inject a cementitious mixture below the concrete to fill the void and stop further washout. We used a controlled lifting process to raise the sidewalk back towards the level position.

The result? One happy homeowner, and lots of happy neighbors who are able to walk, ride bikes and enjoy the sidewalk without obstructive trip hazards.


Before Sidewalk Mudjacking Repair

After Sidewalk Concrete Raising

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Do you and your neighbors have several areas of sidewalk that need to be raised? Let’s talk! We are happy to provide estimates to you and your neighbors. We’ll give you a great offer when you band together to improve neighborhood property values.

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