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Solutions to Sunken Concrete

What should you, the homeowner, do when water runoff and erosion has caused your sidewalks, driveways, and patios to settle and sink, leaving you with uneven concrete and trip hazards?  You have two choices.

Remove And Replace Sunken Concrete

New concrete looks fantastic, but if it’s poured over soil conditions that haven’t been corrected, the end result leaves the homeowner with what amounts to an expensive and temporary fix. Over time, the new concrete will sink just as the previous concrete did, and the homeowner will be in the same situation all over again.

The true, long term solution to sunken concrete is erosion control and mudjacking.

Erosion Control And Concrete Raising

A more cost effective repair to wet soil settlement is to re-direct the water source and have the concrete raised (mudjacked). Concrete raising will compact the soils under the concrete as well as raise it back to grade for far less than concrete replacement. Redirecting downspouts, roof drains and run off allows the soils to dry up as well. Anytime the source of a problem can be resolved, the solution has a longer lasting effect.  With concrete raising, the result is even joints, even grade, and no tripping hazards.

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