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Top 5 Reasons To Repair Concrete

As a homeowner, you work hard at maintaining and protecting your concrete. You spend time researching various home maintenance items like window replacement, or lawn care, gutters, and irrigation. Why not dedicate time and research to concrete repair?

Why Is My Concrete Sinking?

One of the most common reasons concrete becomes uneven or begins sinking is due to how it was originally installed. If a concrete slab was originally installed on an improper subgrade and was not compacted correctly, the material used can easily wash away. Unfortunately, this causes a gaping hole to appear beneath the concrete. The concrete will begin to sink with no material left underneath the concrete to hold its weight or support it.

Additionally, soil erosion is a naturally occurring factor to concrete sinking. If the building or landscape surrounding the soil does not have proper runoff or drainage, soil erosion is more likely to occur. It’s also important to have the runoff inspected occasionally to ensure that it is properly flowing away from your concrete. Runoff that is not properly flowing can lead to soil washout beneath your concrete. This causes your concrete to sink or become uneven.

Small, burrowing animals can also be a cause for sunken and uneven concrete. Keep an eye out for animal activity from burrowing animals like chipmunks and woodchucks. Watch for new holes or digging around you concrete, as animals can dig their way under your concrete slabs.

Why Should I Repair My Concrete?

The concrete around your house, like sidewalks, driveways, and patios, is a very permanent and costly part of your property. It needs to be maintained regularly. 

Runoff that is not properly flowing can lead to soil washout beneath your concrete, which causes your concrete to sink or become uneven.

When homeowners are left with concrete conditions like these, we typically suggest a cost-effective concrete repair. Here are the top 5 reasons to repair your concrete.

1. Safety

When it comes to your family, friends, and visitors, safety is a priority. You want your home to be a safe place where everyone feels comfortable and no one has to be consciously aware of avoiding dangerous areas of your home. If you have children, you should periodically inspect your concrete for areas that are uneven or present trip hazards. A child could easily tumble off a bike or trip and skin their knee because of uneven joints in your concrete. Damaged concrete can present a real risk to older relatives as well. They are more likely to fall and seriously hurt themselves when trying to walk along uneven surfaces.

Don’t forget about your own personal safety as well. We are all busy and can become distracted enough to forget about our own concrete hazards. The rick of tripping over your uneven concrete always exists whether you are chasing the dog, trying to wrangle the kids, or doing yard work. You can easily forget where the trip hazard is and fall victim to it at a moment’s notice. Instead, enjoy peace of mind and get your concrete repaired before an accident happens.

Check high traffic areas like sidewalks and steps for any trip hazards or uneven surfaces and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

2. Liability

This happens more often than you think. Someone trips over an uneven spot in concrete, hurts themselves, and suddenly you are faced with a lawsuit. It can happen on personal property and business property. Why increase your risk of a costly trip? You could end up with a hefty and expensive lawsuit on your hands.

Instead, protect yourself and others by getting your concrete repaired. The cost of repairing your concrete now far outweighs the cost, burden, and time that a lawsuit will bring. Check high traffic areas like sidewalks and steps for any trip hazards or uneven surfaces and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

3. Appearance

Not only can fixed concrete keep you safe and avoid negative legal consequences, but it just looks good! Concrete repair can dramatically improve the look of your home and property. First impressions are important. If you have crooked sidewalks, an uneven driveway, or slanted steps, it can give the impression that your entire home is in disrepair.

You can greatly increase the look of your property with a concrete repair. Concrete repair services are generally less costly than replacing concrete altogether. Aligning the joints in your concrete to an even level will not only add benefit to you, it will quickly enhance the appearance of your property.

4. Property Value

Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Concrete repair is one of the best steps you can take to increase the overall value on your home and your property. As previously stated, the cost of replacing concrete is often far greater than repairing existing concrete. That being said, when calculating the price of your home, consider adding the value of your newly repaired concrete to the estimate. It will save future buyers the hassle of figuring out what to do with uneven concrete and adds value to all the other previous items mentioned: Safety, liability, and appearance.

5. Building Codes

Making sure your building is up to code is very important for property owners. Most building owners are aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA defines a trip hazard as any change in elevation greater than ¼ inch in adjacent surfaces. Sunken and uneven concrete can prevent your building from being ADA approved.

Any areas that have high foot traffic are considered higher risk, and require immediate attention. ADA requirements also directly tie-in to our previously mentioned threat of increased liability.

The risk and potential cost of not addressing the issue of your sunken or uneven concrete far outweighs the cost to have your concrete repaired. This step can be quickly assessed to see if your concrete matches ADA requirements.

If you have any concerns that your concrete may not be up to code, you can request a free estimate from Kent Home Services.

Identifying Signs And Fixing Uneven Concrete

You can easily inspect your concrete in just a few minutes to identify potential problems, tripping hazards, or areas in need of repair. To complete a casual inspection, look around high traffic areas for gaping holes and washed away dirt. Inspect the area after rain to see if water is flowing toward the concrete or if any water pools on or around your concrete. These signs are indicators that your concrete could have problems. 

In many cases, a small cost-effective concrete repair could save you from costly lawsuits and other expenses. You’ll even have the added benefit of enjoying a safe sidewalk that looks good and maintains your property value. Concrete repairs like mudjacking or sealing of cracks and joints are items that save you money in the long term.          


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